Learn To Earn Six Figures With Your Music As An Independant Muscian.

Stop looking for streaming checks or label advances to make significant cash from your music. Learn how to make consistent and passive income from your music and keep 100% ownership through sync licensing.

This course is very thorough. It spells out the process of getting your music in the right hands as simple as possible.

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Singer, Songwriter,Actress, and Music Sync Licensing Educator for companies to include:  Grammy Museum Education Program and Culture strike. 

“As a singer, song writer and producer I was looking for solutions to learn how to add revenue streams with my music. When I first learned about sync licensing, was in my role on Showtimes “The Chi” I discovered an indie artist can make thousands with their music getting synced on tv. We just need to learn how to properly craft the music, secure the ownership and then submit correctly. In my experience I have successfully earned tens of thousands of dollars by licensing my music in various networks and now I want to share this knowledge with you so you can also enjoy financial freedom from your music.”

What you will Learn

Time To Grow Your Music Sync Licencing Business.

In this course you will learn a process that can help you earn up to a six figure monthly income sync licensing music.

Make Songs That Sell
Make Songs That Sell

Discover chords, tempos and lyric writing tips that make your songs more appealing for TV, films, and video games.

Protect Your Music
Protect Your Music

Understand how to register your songs, copyright them, use production agreements, split sheets, with easy, ready to use contract templates.

Meet Music Supervisors
Meet Music Supervisors

Learn my special method to make direct sales to Networks and Supervisors and get the email template to get any supervisor to choose you and your music over larger label artists. Get Networks to become YOUR fans, and become your repeat clients.

Become your own boss
Become your own boss

Learn the daily operations of prospecting, incorporating as a Publishing Company and how to reinvest your earnings to grow your income even more.

Hire a Team- for Automated Passive Income
Hire a Team- for Automated Passive Income

Once your sync licenses start paying you will want your time back. I will show you how to hire a virtual team so your company can run on auto pilot

How to earn 5-6 Figures Monthly from your Music
How to earn 5-6 Figures Monthly from your Music

Never wonder again how you’ll fund your next release or video. This process of sync licensing will show you how to find big budget projects and get paid from all of your music- even the unreleased songs.

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

You deserve to be a thriving Music arist - Even without a label

I believe in artists becoming self-sufficient entrepreneurs. They can own their songs and have powerful direct access to industry partners, funding , and financial freedom to create from a place of abundance and not limitation. Learning the Simple Steps to Sync System will open musicians up to make music and an abundant living income on their terms.

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Included in your course

The Simple Steps to Sync E Book

  • Included are detailed outlines that help guide you through the sync licensing process

  • Learn how to publish your music

  • Learn how to properly submit your music

Hear From My Students

It warms my heart to know my students are succeeding and becoming financially empowered with my simple steps to sync licensing your music

3 Reasons you should start sync liscensing your music today.

3 Reasons

1. Music Sync Licensing is a growing Billion Dollar Industry

The average sync fees for one-stop tracks range between $2000 and $5000 (master and publishing) for TV shows. Sometimes Thousands more depending on your deal, which I teach you in this course.

2. It's something you can do part time

You got into this business to be an artist. Once you understand how to sync license music, you can easily submit an make enough money to focus on your creative for months at a time

3. Live your dreams

As artist we dream to hit the big stage and live fulling amazing lives. Sync Licensing your music is a powerful financial pillar that allows you to do just that. 

Simple Steps To Sync
Your Price $497
  • 1. 8 Course Modules
  • 2. The Simple Steps to Sync E Book
  • 3. The Quick Connect Video Course
  • 4. Split Sheet template
  • 5. Supervisor Prospect Sheet
  • 6. The Production Protection Pack
  • 7. Sync Workbook

Got Questions? Look Here

I'm sure you have questions. So i've take the time to address a few.

What is Sync Licensing

The act of syncing a piece of music with any form of video or media. Licensing refers to getting the rights to use the music that you want to use. That means music in film, TV, commercial, video games and trailers have to ask the rights holders of the song(s) for permission to use the music in their projects. Sync licensing is required from both the recording owner and the composition owner when a song is used, and they are most often paid as a one-time up-front fee. In addition, songs can also earn a performance royalty (payable to songwriters/publishers) when the program containing their song is broadcasted or streamed.

How Long does it take to start earning from Sync Licensing?

You can begin submitting instantly . However, preparation can take as little as one week.

Do I need to produce or play instruments?

You do not need to know how to produce. I will teach you how to build a team to help make your music creation process a simple stream lined. My process teaches how to get you and your collaborators paid.

Do I need a big studio or a lot of equipment?

No.  All you need is access to a microphone, computer and simple recording  software.

What if I never recorded a song before?

There are simple chord templates, song briefs and many tools to help you drop and drop and fill in the blanks. There’s also examples of songs and song structures for you to follow.

Can I do this if I’m a signed artist?

Yes, You are able to learn these steps and have someone on your team implement the simple steps submission process as long as you don’t have an exclusive sync licensing agreement with a publishing company or licensing company.

What kind of money can I expect to earn?

  • Typical sync licensing deals can range from $500-$100,000 depending on the client. These are often just to use seconds of one of your song(s) and you still own your song completely, allowing you to sell the use of the same song again and again.

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